Eligibility and Admission Procedure for B.Com

1. Eligibility for admission to Semester-I leading to the degree of Bachelor of Commerce under the CBCS structure shall be as per the Goa University Ordinance OC-66.
2. Eligibility for admission to Semester-III-VI leading to the degree of Bachelor of Commerce under the CBCS structure shall be as per the existing Goa University Ordinance.
3. A candidate migrating from another University and desirous of direct admission to Semester-II may be considered for admission provided he/she has cleared/passed First Term/Semester-I examination of that University with those subjects for which admission is sought and undertakes to successfully complete the other compulsory papers of Semester – I.
4. Admissions will be open for a specific period of time and will be granted on the basis on merit and personal interview. Admission cannot be granted after thirty days of commencement of the First Term.
5. Students, who have passed any examination equivalent to the examination conducted by the Goa Board, will be granted 'Provisional admission. Confirmation of their admission is subject to the submission of an 'Eligibility Certificate' issued by the Registrar of Goa University before the end of the academic year falling which, their admission shall be rendered null and void.
6. Students will be required to submit particulars regarding their employment status at the time of admission. The decision regarding the admission of employed students shall rest with the Admission committee and the Head of the Institution.
7. Admission to foreign students will be granted if their passport contains a 'provisional student's visa' and on fulfilling the criteria as specified by Goa University.
8. After the initial screening of Admission Forms, the student shall be required to meet the Principal accompanied by a parent (either mother or father).
9. All admissions are valid for one academic year and will have to be renewed for every subsequent year. However a student involved in cases of indiscipline/ragging/bad conduct will not be admitted to the next academic year.
10. Students will be required to submit their completed Application Forms along with the fees prescribed by the Goa University, within the time period specified by the College.
11. Reservation of Seats for SC/ST/OBC will be as per Govt. Rule I.OC-45.2.2: Eligibility for admission to Semester I & II (in the first year) B.Com. Course.