Fee Structure

Schedule for College Fees#

Fees to be paid by a student to the college are as follows:

# (Subject to change, if any, effected by the Goa University & Govt. of Goa.)

*An additional amount of Rs. 500.00 to be paid for new registration of students from other Colleges / Universities to S.Y. & T.Y. B.Com.

Note: Deposits are taken once on admission and are refunded (after deduction if any) on leaving the college. Fees are subject to alteration as per directives of the University and Govt. of Goa.

Fees for both the semesters are payable in full at the time of admission, failing to which the admission is liable to be cancelled. Late payment will be subject to a fine or cancellation of term at the discretion of the Principal. The Principal may allow any student to pay the fees in installments if, in his opinion, the student concerned is unable to pay the full fees. But in no case shall the deferment of fees/dues of the year be permitted beyond 1st March of that academic year and as a consequence of which the admission for the relevant year would be treated as automatically cancelled. A student once admitted will be considered duly enrolled for the Academic year, unless he/she informs the Principal in writing of his/her intention to leave the College at least a week before the commencement of the second term. If no such intimation is received, full fees for Second Term/Semester will have to be paid.

Refund of Fees

The decision regarding refund of fees if any shall be as per the Goa University / Goa Government guidelines.