Vidya Prabodhini College Signs MOU with Parvatibai Chowgule College, Margao-Goa

Vidya Prabodhini College of Commerce, Education, Computer and Management, Parvari-Goa has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science, Margao-Goa.

The Principal of Chowgule College Dr. N.N.Sawant and the Principal of Vidya Prabodhini College Dr.M.R.Patil signed the MOU. Dr. Nadkarni, Dr. Trivassos, Dr. Ananya Das, Dr. Tripathi, Dr. Gunaji Dessai and Mr. Balkrishna Adsul are members of the MOU from Chowgule College. Dr. Sukhaji G. Naik, Dr. Sagar P. Mali, Mr. Arun R. Marathe, Ms. Ujvala M. Hanjunkar, Mr. Kedarnath S. Tadkod are the members of MOU from the Vidya Prabodhini College.

The main aim of this MOU is to enhance quality of academic teaching and learning through an effective teaching learning process, joint research and training programmes for teachers and students of both the colleges. The MOU also focuses on co-operation in sports and cultural activities. During the deliberations, Dr. Sawant said that this college will to organise workshops and seminars for teachers and students in association with the Vidya Prabodhini College, Parvari-Goa. He invites all the students and faculty members of Vidya Prabodhini College to Chowgule College, Margao as and when any event is organised by the Chowgule College. He said that this will provide the students exposure and the students also will be able to understand how different types of events are organised by the Chowgule College. He said that the Chowgule College will also allow the students of Vidya Prabodhini College to use Geography Laboratories of their college.

Dr. M.R. Patil, Principal, Vidya Prabodhini College, Parvari-Goa thanked the Management, Principal and Staff members of Chowgule College for providing Vidya Prabodhini College an opportunity to sign a MOU with one of the best Colleges in Goa. He said that Vidya Prabodhini College is just four years old, but has been very active in conducting seminars and workshops in the areas of practical skills for students and Research in different social science disciplines. He said that the Management of Vidya Prabodhini College is working very hard to provide best facilities to the students of the college. He invited the staff members of Chowgule College to Vidya Prabodhini College and also agreed to organise workshop and seminars in association with Chowgule College on themes like Enhancement of Quality of Research in Social Sciences and Development of Languages. All the members from both the colleges were present during the signing of MOU.

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