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1The Teacher prepares well for class.
2The Teacher keeps and update of that happenings in the field and shares the latest research in the field.
3The Teacher shows how the present topic is related to those topics that have been taught earlier.
4The Teacher adopts a variety of resources in teaching.
5The Teacher engages all the lectures.
6The Teachers comes to class on time.
7The Teacher leaves the class in time.
8The Teacher communicates effectively with the students.
9The Teachers checks to determine if students have understood.
10The Teacher summarises what has been taught.
11The Teacher regularly provides prompt feedback on class.
12The Teacher is fair in assessment.
13The Teacher gives sufficient time to complete assignments.
14The Teacher speaks fluently and precisely.
15The Teacher provides relevant examples and demonstrations to illustrate concepts.
16The Teacher poses questions clearly and one at a time.
17The Teacher shows commitment to the well being and development of the students.
18The Teacher is dedicated in his / her efforts to teach.
19The Teacher permits students to express ideas.
20The Teacher encourages differences in opinion.
21The Teacher encourages students to be responsible.
22The Teacher keeps the class under control.
23The Teacher has a sense of humour.
24The Teacher demonstrates self control and poise.
25The Teacher seems to enjoy teaching.
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