Prabodhan Education Society


Founded in June 1988, the Prabodhan Education Society firmly cherishes a vision to develop an educational philosophy in consonance with Bharatiya Culture and Bharatiya life-ideals, so that it may inspire workers dedicated to the noble cause of National Regeneration and help them to march with full selfconfidence in the competitive world. The society also introduced National core curricula including moral and spiritual Education, Yoga Education, Physical Education, Sanskrit and Music for promoting National Integration and Cultural Development. The Society also caters to the public need of the surrounding area through various extension services cells such as Adult Education Centre for Women, Yoga Prabodhini, Kreeda Prabodhini (Sports), Lokakala Prabodhini (Folk Art), Nritya Prabodhini (Dance), Natya Prabodhini (Dramatics), Sangeet Prabodhini (Music), Sahitya Prabodhini (Literature), Vidnyan Prabodhini (Science), Darshan Prabodhini (Philosophy), Sanskrit Prabodhini, Saunskar Prabodhini (Value Education), Anusandhan Prabodhini (Research), Vyavasaya Margadarshan Prabodhini (Vocational Guidance), Bal-Vikas Prabodhini (Child's allround Development), Gramvikas Prabodhini (Rural Development), and the Research and Consultancy Cell.

The firm, determined and objective oriented journey of Prabodhan Education Society has gradually flourished into the following institutions, cherishing within its fold, a large family of educational institutions in a short span of 25 years:

  • Vidya Prabodhini College of Commerce, Education, Computer and Management
  • Vidya Prabodhini Higher Secondary School of Arts, Science & Commerce
  • L.D. Samant Memorial High School
  • Prabodhan Poorva Prathamik Vidyalaya, Parvari
  • Prabodhan Prathamik Vidyalaya, Parvari
  • Prabodhan Poorva Prathamik Vidyalaya, Pomburpha
  • Prabodhan Prathamik Vidyalaya, Pomburpha
  • Jan-Shikshan Saunsthan, Parvari (Sponsored by Central Government)
  • Smt. Sunandabai Bandodkar High School, Salvador -De-Mundo
  • Smt. Sunandabai Bandodkar Poorva Prathamik, Salvador-DeMundo
  • Smt. Sunandabai Bandodkar Prathamik, Salvador-De-Mundo

The Society, with its beaming, enthusiastic, innovative, dedicated team of teachers and equally dynamic Heads of the institutions has already started its march with a spectrum of realities translated into practice such as:

  • Excellent Result during the period of 25 years with Merit list.
  • Dedicated and socially active staff with excellent Teamwork.
  • Goal oriented and self-evaluator Training Program for staff and students through graded workshops.
  • Active and comprehensively organized “Prabodhini Pariwar Palak Shikshak Sangha (PTA)”.
  • Admission to any student without bar of percent-age of marks, yet achieving excellent results.
  • Scoring of Prizes and Merits in sports and other competitions from Panchayat level right up to the University, National level, every year.
  • Each organ of activity geared up to foster National pride, inculcate patriotism and preserve Bharatiya identity at all cost.

Members of Prabodhan Education Society


Shri. Prabhakar Narayan Bhate


Shri. Datta Bhikaro Naik


Shri. Vithal Dattatraya Nadgauda


Sou. Smita Sayajirao Sardesai


Shru. Vasudev Ganesh Manerikar


Shri. Gajanan Narayan Kapadi


Shri. Madhav Bhalchandra Kelkar


Sou. Vrunda M. Kelkar


Shri. Suresh V. Kulkarni


Shri. Minanath T. Upadhye


Shri. Ulhas Gopal Asnodkar


Shri. Pradip Narayan Maske


Shri. Abhay Venkatesh Prabhu


Shri. Laxmikant Yeshwant Parsekar


Shri. Suryakant Ladu Gawas


Shri. Suresh Bhaskar Borkar


Shri. Ramlal D. Sharma


Shri. Sagar Madhav Bhat


Shri. Govind Ganesh Deo


Shri. Shripad Alias Kanta K Patnekar


Shri. Dnyaneshwar P. Pednekar


Shri. Subhash Bhaskar Velingkar


Shri. Shripad Yesso Naik


Shri. Manohar G. P. Parrikar


Shri. Sanjay Purushottam Walavalkar


Shri. Subhash Vishwanath Phadte


Shri. Viththal G. P. Parrikar


Shri. Guruprasad R. Pawaskar


Shri. Lalaji Daya Pagi


Shri. Dilip Vasant Betkikar


Shri. Purushottam P. Kamat


Shri. Rajendra Laxmikant Bhobe


Managing Committee





Shri. Sanjay P. Walavalkar


Shri. Rajendra L. Bhobe


Shri. Guruprasad Pawaskar



Executive Committee


Shri. Sripad K. Patnekar


Shri. Vithal G. P. Parrikar


Shri. Datta B. Naik


Shri. Ulhas G. Asnodkar


Shri. Suresh B. Borkar


Shri. Minannath T. Upadhye


The Institution offers excellent infrastructural facilities for a conducive learning environment.

  • The self-owned building, with a total built up area of 5772 houses the Principal’s, Vice- Principal’s and HoD’s cabin, Administrative office, and well-furnished, well-ventilated, state-ofthe- art classrooms equipped with technological aid such as ICT facilities, free high-speed Wi-Fi, LCD projectors, smart boards, sound systems and modern two-seater tables with chairs. A separate playground admeasures 4670
  • The Institutional Library, admeasuring 162.40, serves the need of students and faculty with a diversity of reading resources. The well-stocked Library, having decent collection of books, magazines, journals and newspapers, provides photocopying services to students at a nominal price. An independent Reading Room, equipped with 5 desktop computers with high speed internet, gives students access to the latest of e-resources from around the world.
  • The ICT Laboratory is well-furnished and is equipped with 29 desktops with internet access and modern specialized independent computer tables with modern revolving office chairs, and provides printing and scanning facilities.
  • The Geography Laboratory accommodates 20 students at a time, and is adequately furnished with apparatus and equipment, such as 2 GPS receivers, 18 Pocket Stereoscopes, 6 Mirror stereoscopes and two tracing tables, required for the Geography Graduate Programme.
  • The Department of Physical Education and Sports, comprising of a sports room, indoor sports hall, and a gymnasium area, is equipped to respond to the needs of almost 600 students.
  • The institution currently runs six NSS Units, and has an NSS Room, and a store-room adequately stocked with tools and equipment.
  • A room is set aside for Socially Useful Productive Work.
  • The Counseling Room provides privacy, confidentiality, quietude, and a comfortable space for counseling students.
  • A Creative Arts Room, equipped with musical instruments, also serves as a rehearsal space for theater and performing arts activities.
  • The Institution provides a fertile environment to encourage research amongst its stakeholders through a Research and Consultancy Room.
  • The Canteen provides students and staff with healthy snacks and meals during working hours.
  • The Wi-Fi enabled Faculty Room is provided with tables and modern office chairs, individual lockers and attached independent washroom facility for Ladies and Gents staff.
  • Independent Common Rooms are assigned for girls and boys. A wooden cot with fresh linen, mattress and pillow is made available in the Girls Common Room. Seating facilities, with tables are available in both the Common Rooms.
  • Two Ladies and Gents washrooms each admeasuring 60 each, serves the need of students and visitors.
  • ‘Swami Vivekanand Hall’, a self-contained multipurpose hall admeasuring 474, has a total seating capacity for 300 people.
  • One bus caters to the transportation needs of the students.
  • Potable Water is made available to students through RO system for water purification and 2 water filters with hot and cold water facility.
  • Medical Response Facility equipped with a stretcher and basic first aid.
  • An integrated Biometric System is installed to record daily attendance of students and staff alike.
  • Composite Multimedia Systems support the teaching-learning process and helps in documentation.
  • Policies & Procedures


    The institution shall maintain & update its web-site as per provisions of NCTE Regulations and always display following as mandatory disclosure -

  • Sanctioned programmes along with annual intake in the institution.
  • Name of faculty and staff in full as mentioned in school certificate along with their qualifications, scale of pay and photograph.
  • Name of faculty members who left or joined during the last, quarter;
  • Names of Students admitted during the current session along with qualification, Percentage of marks in the qualifying examination and in the entrance test, if any date of admission, etc.;
  • Fee charged from students:
  • Available infrastructural facilities;
  • Facilities added during the last quarter;
  • Number of books in the library, journals subscribed to and additions, if any, in the last quarter;
  • The affidavit with enclosure submitted along with application.
  • The institution shall be free to post additional relevant information. if it so desires.
  • Any false or incomplete information on website shall render the institution liable for withdrawal of recognition.