Excellence Everywhere Everytime


To create and develop a quality learning environment through the integration of conceptual knowledge, application of skills, basic human values and field realities, thereby nurturing competent, value based and resourceful citizens, who selflessly contribute to Nation Building by serving the nation above self.


  • Design and develop skill based and practical oriented curriculum.
  • Increase students’ learning through classroom teaching-learning process.
  • Inculcate basic human values in students through curriculum.
  • Develop application-oriented students’ performance evaluating mechanism.
  • Promote teaching of topics of current relevance beyond the syllabus.
  • Promote a research culture and spirit of inquiry among teachers and students.
  • Develop abilities and competencies in research through workshops and training programmes.
  • Inculcate employability skills in students and thereby promote their overall personality development.
  • Increase placement opportunities for students through linkages with business houses and educational institutions/organizations.
  • Promote collaborations and interactions with industry and research institutions for the benefits of institution.
  • Sustain an Institution-Neighborhood network to enhance learning opportunities.
  • Promote participation of students and teachers in outreach and community development activities.
  • Seek feedback from stakeholders for the improvement of the institution’s performance.
  • Create industrial and entrepreneurial outlook for self-employment and Employment generation.


College to Village and Campus to Community