Prabodhan Education Society’s Vidya Prabodhini College Alumni Association is an association of former students of Vidya Prabodhini College meant to provide platform for ex-students to organize various events, and to offer various benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections with their college and batch mates. Our Association is a registered association, registered under the society’s registration act of 1860 and has its own bye laws for its functioning.


Alumni Association

Alumni Executive Committee

Year/Period Name Designation
2021-2024 Mr. Vasant Narulkar President
2021-2024 Mr. Akshay Hirve Vice President
2021-2024 Ms. Shreya Fadte Secretary
2021-2024 Mr. Jayesh Shetkar Jt-Secretary
2021-2024 Ms. Nilofer Javali Treasurer
2021-2024 Mr. Dayanand Rane Jt-Treasurer
2021-2024 Ms. Harshada Naik Member
2021-2024 Ms. Dikshita Revodkar Member
2021-2024 Mr. Krishan Kumar Kumawat Member
2021-2024 Ms. Pooja Dube Member

Alumni Registration:

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Academic Year Name Document
2021-2022 5.4.1 Alumni Engagements


2021-2022 5.4.2 Alumni Contribution