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Extract from: Goa University Statute No. SC -5 applicable to the Colleges SC-5 (xx) Code of Conduct

  • A teacher shall carry out the legitimate academic and administrative decisions taken by the authorities of the college/University pertaining to his/her sphere of responsibility/duties.

  • A teacher shall not discriminate against a student on political grounds for reasons of race, religion, caste, language or sex or for other reason of an arbitrary or personal nature and shall not incite students/teachers against other students or other teachers, colleagues or administration/Governing body of the college.
  • A teacher shall not remain absent from duty without proper sanction of leave in case of emergency.
  • A teacher shall desist/refrain from indulging in unscientific publication which would prove to be detrimental to the reputation and the progress of the college/University.
  • A teacher may be permitted to take up consultancy under terms and conditions as outlined in the ordinance O.7 as amended from time to time. However, he shall not conduct individually or participate in conducting jointly with others coaching classes directly or indirectly. He/she shall not give any private tuition.
  • A teacher shall perform his/her academic duties and work related to examinations as assigned. No remuneration shall be payable to the teachers for internal assessment/home examinations conducted by the college.
  • A teacher shall have freedom of thought and expressions. He/she shall not misuse the facilities or forum of the college/University.
  • A teacher shall not make use of the resources and/or facilities of the Department/College/University/ Governing Body for personal, commercial, political or religious purposes.
  • A teacher shall not be partial in assessment of a student or deliberately over mark, undermark or victimize a student on any grounds.
  • A teacher shall not indulge in or resort to directly or indirectly any malpractice or unfair means in teaching/examination / administration.

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