As a college to educational needs of the community, a  healthy co-operation between the college, and the community is essential. P.T.A. plays a very important role in bringing about this co-operation by participating actively in the various college programmes. P.T.A. not only serves as a link between teachers and community but it also helps in establishing a healthy rapport among teachers, college and parents in order to create better educational environment which ultimately results in better academic and co-curricular achievements by the students.

  • Aims and Objective
  1. To promote the overall welfare of the students
  2. To create better understanding among parents, teacher and college.
  3. To work for the improvement of the college with the combined efforts of parents, teachers and the authorities.
  4. To inform parents and guardians about the activities of college.
  • Nature of P.T.A.
  1. It is purely an educational, non-commercial and non-political association.
  2. It has no power to interface in the administrative or academic or any other matters of the institution.
  • Functions of the General Body
  1. The General body will meet at least once in an academic year.
  2. It will elect a working committee from amongst the members.
  3. It will approve the reports submitted by the Working Committee
  4. It will approve the statement of accounts presented by the Working Committee.
  5. General Body shall have powers to remove one or more members of Working committee before the completion of their term of office and make suitable substitution by simple majority in case it is found after enquiry that the presence of such a member/ member is harmful for the smooth functioning of the working committee.
  6. Extra-ordinary meeting of the General Body shall be conveyed within ten days’ notice underwritten demand from at least fifty members. In the event of urgency, the Secretary of the working committee may also convene a meeting of the General Body to decide certain issues as per the directives of working committee.
  • The Working committee shall consist of the following office bearers from amongst the members of the General Body:
  1. President – Parent
  2. Vice-President – Parent
  3. Secretary – Teacher
  4. Treasurer -Teacher
  5. 1 Joint Secretary -Teacher
  6. 1 Joint Secretary -Teacher
  7. Members (not more than six) Three teacher & Three Parents
  • The Term of office of working committee shall be for 1 year from April to March.
  • A) President and Vice-President shall be elected from among the parents
  1. b) Secretary and Treasurer shall necessarily be teachers of the college
  • Working committee shall meet at least once in two months.
  • The working committee shall plan and implement various co-curricular activities or college development programs as per feasibility.
  • The working committee shall play an important role as a coordinating agency between the parents and the college concerning the scholastic progress of the students. The working committee shall formulate its own modus-operanadi to perform this function.
  • If any office bearer member remains absent for three successive meetings without due notice, he/she shall cease to be an office bearer/member of the working committee. A vacancy so caused shall be filled in by co-operating any other member of the General Body on the working committee.
  • The working committee shall not interface with the academic as well as administrative matters of the college.

Name of the member Role
Dr. Manisha Kulkarni Convenor, PTA Committee
Shri. Swapnil Bugde Chairperson, PTA Working Committee
Mrs. Shobha Mangle Vice-Chairperson, PTA Working Committee
Dr. Ujvala Hanjunkar Secretary, PTA Working Committee
Dr. Arun Marathe Joint-Secretary, PTA Working Committee
Shri. Sunny Pandhre Treasurer, PTA Working Committee
Shri. Uaddhav Pol Joint-Treasurer, PTA Working Committee
Shri. Rudresh Mhamal Member, PTA Working Committee
Shri. Sudesh Parodolkar Member, PTA Working Committee
Mrs. Sunita Rawal Member, PTA Working Committee
Shri. Selvarajan Reddy Member, PTA Working Committee
Shri. Deepak Shirodkar Member, PTA Working Committee
Ms. Yogita Chodankar Member, PTA Working Committee (2021-22)

Name of the member Role
Dr. Manisha V. Kulkarni Convenor, PTA Committee
Shri Gajanan Desai Chairperson, PTA Working Committee
Shri. Shripad Kulkarni Vice-Chairperson, PTA Working Committee
Saish Nayak Dalal Secretary, PTA Working Committee
Ms. Yogita Chodankar Joint-Secretary, PTA Working Committee
Shri. Darshan Gaonkar Treasurer, PTA Working Committee
Priya Gosavi Joint-Treasurer, PTA Working Committee
Shantan Pavse Member, PTA Working Committee
Bhanudas Morajkar Member, PTA Working Committee