The Institution offers excellent infrastructural facilities for a conducive learning environment.

  • The self-owned building, with a total built up area of 5772 houses the Principal’s, Vice- Principal’s and HoD’s cabin, Administrative office, and well-furnished, well-ventilated, state-ofthe- art classrooms equipped with technological aid such as ICT facilities, free high-speed Wi-Fi, LCD projectors, smart boards, sound systems and modern two-seater tables with chairs. A separate playground admeasures 4670


  • The Institutional Library, admeasuring 162.40, serves the need of students and faculty with a diversity of reading resources. The well-stocked Library, having decent collection of books, magazines, journals and newspapers, provides photocopying services to students at a nominal price. An independent Reading Room, equipped with 5 desktop computers with high speed internet, gives students access to the latest of e-resources from around the world.
  • The ICT Laboratory is well-furnished and is equipped with 29 desktops with internet access and modern specialized independent computer tables with modern revolving office chairs, and provides printing and scanning facilities.
  • The Geography Laboratory accommodates 20 students at a time, and is adequately furnished with apparatus and equipment, such as 2 GPS receivers, 18 Pocket Stereoscopes, 6 Mirror stereoscopes and two tracing tables, required for the Geography Graduate Programme.
  • The Department of Physical Education and Sports, comprising of a sports room, indoor sports hall, and a gymnasium area, is equipped to respond to the needs of almost 600 students.
  • The institution currently runs six NSS Units, and has an NSS Room, and a store-room adequately stocked with tools and equipment.
  • A room is set aside for Socially Useful Productive Work.
  • The Counseling Room provides privacy, confidentiality, quietude, and a comfortable space for counseling students.
  • Creative Arts Room, equipped with musical instruments, also serves as a rehearsal space for theater and performing arts activities.
  • The Institution provides a fertile environment to encourage research amongst its stakeholders through a Research and Consultancy Room.
  • The Canteen provides students and staff with healthy snacks and meals during working hours.
  • The Wi-Fi enabled Faculty Room is provided with tables and modern office chairs, individual lockers and attached independent washroom facility for Ladies and Gents staff.

Independent Common Rooms are assigned for girls and boys. A wooden cot with fresh linen, mattress and pillow is made available in the Girls Common Room. Seating facilities, with tables are available in both the Common Rooms.

  • Two Ladies and Gents washrooms each admeasuring 60 each, serves the need of students and visitors.
  • ‘Swami Vivekanand Hall’, a self-contained multipurpose hall admeasuring 474, has a total seating capacity for 300 people.
  • One bus caters to the transportation needs of the students.

Potable Water is made available to students through RO system for water purification and 2 water filters with hot and cold water facility.

  • Medical Response Facility equipped with a stretcher and basic first aid.
  • An integrated Biometric System is installed to record daily attendance of students and staff alike.
  • Composite Multimedia Systems support the teaching-learning process and helps in documentation.

The Policy and the Procedure for maintaining and utilizing Physical 

The Policy and the Procedure for maintaining and utilizing Physical, academic and the support facilities is as follows

  • The registered students are provided with facilities such as Classrooms, Elective rooms, Library, Computer Lab, Geography Lab, sports facilities etc. The institution makes provision in its budget from non-salary grants for maintenance of facilities that aids teaching-learning. Fees paid by students such as library, Computer lab, Gymkhana etc., are used for upgrading and maintenance of respective facilities.
  • The ICT enabled classrooms with its furniture are used for multiple purposes. The primary purpose is conducting regular and extra lectures for students as per pre-determined academic timetable and individual/group presentation, group discussions, experimental learning activities are conducted. The institution believes in community service and adhering by that offers’ its classrooms, when not in use to various government/non-government organizations for conducting competitive exams like CA/CS/SET and other academic purposes.
  • The support and multi-tasking staff assist in the process of teaching learning. Cleaning and maintenance of hygienic environment in the campus is achieved by the efforts of the support staff. The classrooms, library, computer lab, office, and other facilities are cleaned on daily bases. The office in charge makes inspection of the campus on daily bases and discrepancy noticed is immediately reported.
  • A daily-wage worker has been appointed for maintenance of hygiene in the washrooms.
  • The Library is open from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm for all its stake holders. Student can visit library any time before/between/after lectures and during recess. Books, journals and newspapers can be referred physically as well as virtually and max of 3 books can be issued for a week’s period. Special provision in the budget is made for library up gradation and maintenance. The Institution has appointed a full-time Librarian for the purpose.
  • Photocopying facility is available at free of cost/marginal cost to all stake holders.
  • The ICT Lab can be used by all stakeholders as per the rules and regulations of the institution. It serves a dual purpose of conducting ICT related lectures with practical’s and as a virtual reference point. A fulltime Lab Attendant is appointed to look after the operation, upgrading and maintenance of the ICT lab.
  • The staff and students can access the Wi-Fi facility by registering their devices.
  • The institution website is up graded and maintained by the lab attendant.
  • Other academic support facilities (Sports/NSS/musical instruments etc.) are available to all the students during non-lecturing hours and also to other stake holders with prior permission of the authority.

Decision making process
Decisions pertaining to Purchasing/Maintenance/up gradation/usage of facilities are arrived at using following procedure:

  • Requisition is sought in writing from the faculty/department.
  • Principal thoroughly studies the requisition/proposal.
  • Invites the concerned faculty, who has moved requisition, for further clarification.
  • Principal consults senior most faculty members about the concerned proposal.
  • If the request is found to be justifiable, the same is forwarded to the Managing Board for their approval in case of non-routine/significant matters.
  • On approval of the management, head sends the proposal to the concerned authority for necessary action and execution.

Build on the cornerstone that imparting accessible education to all is service to society and nation, our institution commits itself to the core values of:

  • Providing Sanskarmai Shikshan through the development of Value and Culture-based education
  • Promoting Creativity and Innovation
  • Providing a Quality Learning Environment
  • Ensuring a Holistic Education
  • Having Quest for Excellence
  • Commitment and Dedication
  • Imbibing National Values and Philosophy
  • Ensuring Welfare of the Society
  • Creating Responsible Citizenry
  • Upholding Work Ethics and Professionalism
  • Inculcating basic values in students
  • Fostering global competition among the students
  • Promoting research culture and a spirit of inquiry
  • Promoting use of technology
  • Collaborating with other societal stakeholders
  • Inculcating a Scientific Temper and Spirit of Inquiry and Reform